Welcome to Medical Cannalyst Consulting Group LLC, or MCCG for short. What is MCCG? You ask?

Once a medical consulting, continuing education producer and specialty magazine publisher, MCCG has evolved into a branding and business development firm combining a variety of expertise, strategies and connections with technologies, analytics and data dissemination to maximize outcomes in client acquisition, retention and recovery. MCCG partners with each of its clients to do the right thing, and to attract the right customers focusing on building and developing brand loyalty- the most important aspect for the long-term survival of any business model.

Creating a more sustainable food-chain is essential to the long-term survival of civilization.

Specializing in a variety of disruptive innovations and positive advancements, MCCG prefers to work exclusively with “Client Partners” building a brighter future, together. Working towards that brighter future, MCCG coordinates established industry-leaders to focus in on solutions for; education, healthcare, agriculture and food-security.

Taking on select projects in eco-sustainability such as; oil, gas, energy and renewables, affordable housing, water preservation and environmental sustainability, in addition to nonprofit projects that better serve humanity as a whole with our time and energy, MCCG leads the change it wishes to see. Make no mistake, MCCG is selective with its client partners, and causes, to maximize potentials for each of its connections, and the client partners and causes that we do serve. Remember, good ideas take more than a notion, and there are plenty of fish in the ocean so to speak so MCCG can afford to be picky with whom it devotes its time and energy.

Portraying an image to create memories and represent the brand’s message.

If you’re considering approaching MCCG for a potential project, please be prepared to submit the following information in advance, in confidence, for consideration:

  • A Mutually Protective Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Executive Summary
  • Pitch Deck
  • Your Current Client Acquisition Strategy vs. Current Performance
  • Financial Projections and Realistic Numbers on where you want to be vs. where you are today as far as new customers each month
  • How many customers return each month and what your average sale and cost per lead is.

All of which establishes a baseline. It is the hope of MCCG that by asking for all of this information in advance, we can better prepare ourselves, and you, for what is going to be expected of us and you in the future as at some point in the near future you will need each of those components, and more, to be successful.

MCCG more than proves its worth by the numbers, you should always strive to do that too. Furthermore, be prepared to pay $250.00 for the initial consultation and if you are accepted as a client partner, be prepared to submit a larger retainer that will be billed to cover time, due diligence, expenses and efforts necessary to qualify and amplify your project in a tone that resonates with your customers’ inner aspirations.

You aren’t coming to us for any other reason, and we aren’t going to partner with you for any other reason. Let’ synergize the future of your industry, together!

MCCG does not provide any form of medical, financial and/or legal advice to our clients. However, MCCG may provide connections to qualified, licensed and otherwise trusted medical, financial and/or legal partners to fulfill those specific portions of a particular contract and/or connection, with each case being subject to the individual governing contract terms and/or retainers and/or fees for their individual consulting agreements. MCCG operates in a variety of spaces, through a variety of partners and professionals, to carry out its core operations and is strategically located in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area to maximize your brand recognition, potential and exposure starting with industry leading trade-shows and after parties all the while spilling out into the community commanding subtle attention in the everyday eye.

From the staffing of intellectually-driven brand ambassadors to professionally referring and representing brands at customer focused events, conferences and after parties, MCCG takes your customer acquisition and retention to the next level combining higher conversion rates, longer-lasting subscriptions and more new sign-ups by connecting with customers on emotional, financial and personal levels to become part of their everyday lives.

Have you ever met a die-hard brand fan who wouldn’t trade their brand for the world?

MCCG creates those kinds of customers every day for select client partners, so please only submit brands that provide a quality product for the betterment of all involved. MCCG does not consider or represent concepts without legs.

MCCG is proud to merge minds for the betterment of tomorrow. For more information, please contact us.