Client Partnerships

MCCG has contributed to the creation and establishment of a variety of industry-specific publications, online platforms, mobile applications, disruptive technologies and innovations that continue to serve humanity for the betterment of tomorrow. Working for both internal projects, nonprofits and Client Partners, MCCG has kept a low profile while leading change.

Historically, MCCG takes on new clients in the form of a Client Partner sharing in both the risk and reward of the Client Partner’s growth- because if one thinks about it, their partners tend to be more vested in their overall success of their business or business venture than those who get paid for being there win, lose or draw. That’s not to say MCCG works on any form of contingency, no, we just understand exactly what you will need to be successful and have no problem basing our actual pay on our actual performance. We also know what we are worth. However, to make execution easier on businesses we believe actually have legs, we will take smaller retainers up front, secure larger positions and seize every opportunity to accelerate and advance your bottom line in a sustainable, ethical and logical direction.

In even more rare cases, MCCG will take a strategic position in a company to advance a Client Partner that we feel has legs. Historically, MCCG has worked in emerging markets, disruptive technologies and healthcare. However, we understand the finer arts of customer acquisition and retention so we will consider any project that falls within our environmental sustainability goals (ESGs). Maintaining our roots in publishing, publications and production, MCCG is recognized across multiple industries as a leader in new customer acquisition and retention. Book a consultation today and find out what you’re missing.