Message from our Founder

Julie “Nurse Juhlzie” Monteiro, RN, BSK, Founder

When I established Medical Cannalyst Consulting Group LLC (MCCG) in 2014, it was originally founded as a disruptive solution to creating continuing education platforms around a unifying, engaging and welcoming atmosphere.

I created the magazine as a platform to captivate a very specific audience with out-of-the-box, thought provoking content, and incorporated the best in brand representation and customer engagement to develop awareness and outreach campaigns.

Honing in on what I had learned to do best, I then focused on developing organic brand recognition and new client acquisition campaigns around message amplification and client retention. Today, MCCG partners with each of our client partners to secure their clientele in a memorable way and then we work hand-in-hand with them to build long-term brand loyalty by building new memories.

Always learning to do better, MCCG works in a concerted effort with industry leading experts from a variety of professional backgrounds to contribute responsibly to the development of an innovation, as it is introduced into an industry, better supporting the long-term visions of disruptive innovators while still staying in alignment with missions.

Like myself and my forefathers, we’re all navigating the very same newly uncharted waters together, post-pandemic, so we might as well learn from each other and share in our successes and lessons while uniting with one another and other subject-matter experts and innovators bridging decades of specialized expertise from a variety of hand-picked partners and professionals well-suited and qualified to perform specialized jobs, tasks or duties.

Today, my vision has taken on a whole new form leading MCCG towards a variety of disruptively innovative partners that all work together to create the change we all wish to see in the world, today. We at MCCG are grateful to be guiding others through their journey with such a professional group of visionary leaders and subject-matter experts. I am proud to have partnered with those who choose to call MCCG home, and together, we look forward to co-developing the future of disruptive innovations in your space, together with you, our client partners. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at AskNurseJuhlzie@mccg.us and I will have the subject-matter expert most suited to best answer your question respond with a reply: now that’s proficiency.

Thanks again, for being the change – Nurse Juhlzie 

Our Team

James Creel, Production Management

James has been in production management for the entirety of his life in one form or another. Today, James is the General Manager for MCCG and oversees the technology group. A career administrator, James works hand-in-hand with various subject matter experts to fulfill various aspects of our project management needs. A background in automation, technology and controls, James transfers his understanding of process to empower MCCG clients.

Sophaur One, RYT-200, Communications Management

Sophaur is a superstar in communication, leading the change he wishes to see in the world by taking on challenges that others would otherwise abandon, strengthening his overall understanding and ability to develop and provide solutions that result in positive change. A full time innovator and part-time yoga instructor, Sophaur works with clients to reach audiences on a deeper level, creating the bonds that result in brand loyalty and retention.